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    Identity exploration can strengthen your awareness and understanding of the systems and powers that influence how you interact with yourself and the world, leading to a renewed whole sense of self, healthy relationships, and a fulfilled life.

    Who you are, where you come from, and what experiences shape you contribute to how you engage with yourself, interpersonal relationships, and the communities you intersect with. Many times suffering comes from a disconnection, friction, or struggle with how the influences that shape us (narratives, family, culture, values, sexuality, gender, and more) interact with our higher self – who we want to be in the world. Claiming or healing parts of your identity will support you in living the full potential of who you are.

    I have worked with people who are shaping and exploring their identity, including LGTBQIA, interracial, intercultural, BIPOC, white-bodied people, and people exploring sexuality and/or gender expression. I provide individual and group support for people interested in connecting to their identities, seek to understand biases, and heal parts of themselves that are calling for repair and empowerment.

    My background in restorative and social justice, and community organizing has brought me closer to understanding who I am and how my actions and behaviors impact others. Exploring how familial and ancestral history intersect with how identity is informed can offer increased awareness, interpersonal perspective, and a renewed sense of meaning and purpose.

    I work from frameworks stemming and inspired by liberation psychology, liberatory consciousness (Barbara J. Love), Healing the Wounds of History (Armand Volkas) Healing the Soul Wound (Edwardo Duran), and anti-racist identity frameworks. I believe human suffering can be transformed through addressing and healing the open wounds of history and contemporary social harm.

    I will work with you to repair and renew parts of yourself by addressing intergenerational, ancestral, collective and/or historical trauma. I will support you in understanding how you have been influenced and shaped by power systems and structures and, locate the parts of you that have the transformative power to heal and repair.

    Whether you are an executive, a young person exploring identity, work in social justice, education, activism, or are anyone seeking meaningful personal transformation, I will support you in deepening your relationship with yourself so that your communication, actions, and behavior align with your aspiration to be the change you want to see in the world.

    Restorative Practices and Drama Therapy Workshops